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Bee Pollen to help relieve Hay Fever

Are you suffering with itchy, streaming eyes and a runny nose?  Does having hay fever ruin the summer for you?

Have you tried taking natural supplements like bee pollen and honey?

Many people use honey and bee pollen every year to alleviate the symptoms of hay fever and to generally make themselves feel healthier and improve their wellbeing.

It is believed that locally sourced pollen will protect your immune system from reacting to airborne allergen exposure from the same plants that cause you distress, perhaps by desensitizing you to it.

You only need to take a teaspoon on bee pollen on your cereals in the morning, or sprinkle them on fresh fruit.  Honey is delicious both poured on your food or a teaspoon in your drink. 

It has to be worth trying it out to make you feel better.   After all honey has numerous beneficial effects.

What is bee pollen and where does it come from?

Bee pollen comprises of the powdery substance that plants make in order for them to reproduce. Bee pollen is the food source for bees.  They collect it on their bodies and legs and take it back to the hive as a source of food.

Bee pollen may also contain some flower nectar and bee digestive enzymes. In addition to antioxidants, it contains vitamins and minerals, enzymes, protein and carbohydrates.

Once the bees return home with the pollen they collect, it is covered with a small amount of beeswax and honey by other bees. This is called “bee bread,” and it’s the main protein source for the bees in the colony.

Because the pollen grains are collected from many different types of plants, bee pollen varies in shape, colour and nutritional content. Although bees normally collect pollen from just one type of a plant at a time, sometimes they will gather it from many different flowers.

Since it’s a natural product that is always different based on geographical location and flower type, it’s hard to know exactly what’s in the bee pollen you get.

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